Latest Past Events

2024 Menstrual Hygiene Week

The Mcrissar Foundation is honored to host this event, in collaboration with HOLY Corp, NYC. Our collective mission is to address the pressing issue of menstrual hygiene by providing eco-friendly sanitary pads to girls in internally displaced areas of Kaduna State and Northern Nigeria. We are deeply committed to ensuring that these girls have access […]

2nd Annual Mini Conference 2024 to commemorate International Women’s Day

Bridge Park Cinema Kaduna

Details: Aim: Our objective is to raise awareness and generate dialogue on period poverty, inspiring inclusion and fostering long-term solutions. To our objectives for the day is to; 1. Film Screening: Present two impactful documentaries, 'Red' and 'Period End of Sentence,' highlighting the challenges and triumphs related to menstruation in Kenya and India, respectively. 2. […]

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