Highlights from Our Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Campaign 2024

Highlights from Our Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Campaign 2024

In collaboration with the Heal Our Land Yeshua Corporation New York, we proudly conducted our Menstrual Hygiene awareness campaign from May 20th to May 28th, 2024. This campaign was aimed at educating, engaging, and supporting young women and girls in Kaduna State and Northwest Nigeria.

Key Activities and Visits

Advocacy Visit to Jema’a Local Government:
We kicked off the campaign with an advocacy visit to paramount rulers and the local government chairman in Jema’a Local Government, Kafanchan. This visit aimed to strengthen community relations and garner support for menstrual hygiene initiatives.

Kwaki Community Outreach:
On May 20th, we visited the Kwaki community, where we donated sanitary pads and engaged with young women, educating them on menstrual hygiene and its importance.

Establishing the Mary Tim Sanitary Pad Bank:
On May 21st, we visited three secondary schools in Kafanchan and established the Mary Tim Sanitary Pad Bank. This initiative ensures that students have access to sanitary pads while in school, preventing them from missing classes during their periods. Additionally, the Mcrissar Foundation committed to donating monthly pads to selected schools throughout the year.

Ate Internally Displaced Persons Camp:
Our team visited the Ate IDP camp in Kachia Local Government Area, where we met with women to discuss menstrual hygiene and address their concerns.

Media Engagement:
On May 22nd, our founder/CEO, Rabi Adamu Musa, appeared on Hamada Radio’s “Life Issues” program to discuss menstrual hygiene and advocate for accessible sanitary products for all women and girls in Nigeria. She was accompanied by Technical Assistant George Tim. Additionally, on May 26th, she was a guest on Plus TV’s 9 PM daily news. You can watch the interview ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1v8N0ETrKnw )

Mr. Methodius Karfe, our consultant, also discussed menstrual hygiene on Hamada FM Kaduna’s “Talking Points,” highlighting the impact of menstrual poverty on women’s health.

Outreach in Katsina State and Zaria Local Government:
Our team visited young girls in Katsina State and Zaria Local Government Area, donating sanitary pads and providing education on menstrual hygiene.

Grand Finale

The campaign concluded with a grand finale on May 28th, featuring a special documentary showcasing our community engagement efforts. This event, held in collaboration with Coded Visualz, was attended by students, teachers, stakeholders, and media representatives from across Kaduna State.

Since 2022, the Mcrissar Foundation has partnered with various organizations to commemorate Menstrual Hygiene Day (MHDAY). This year, we proudly collaborated with HOLY Corp for the third edition of MHDAY 2024.

We are grateful to everyone who supported and participated in MHDAY 2024. Together, we are making strides towards a period-friendly world!

Press Releases and Media Coverage

Please find below some press releases and media coverage from our campaign:

Thank you for your continued support!

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