Maiden Mini Conference to Mark international women’s day 2023

At Mcrissar foundation, one of our core areas of focus is women development and enrichment. This year, to mark the international women’s day 2023, we held our first ever maiden mini conference with the theme “Digital innovation and technology for gender equality “.
In attendance were young indigenous women drawn from different parts of Kaduna State and our advisory board member, Lyn O’Donnell joined us online via zoom from Canada to discuss “Digital literacy among indigenous young women of Kaduna State and the importance of women supporting women “
Participants learned about the importance of learning a computer skill and making it easier to navigate in today’s world. Lynn also discussed the importance of using computer as a tool to navigate in the future and the importance of women supporting women in their careers.

Highlight of the day was the launching of Mcrissar Foundation funds for girls in Stem and the cutting of cake by the Founder and some participants at the conference.

The foundation also launched the spotlight award to recognize women and young girls who are thriving in their careers and who are always working behind the scenes to support women and girls in society.

Young Dr Imargi Gaiya who was the best graduating student at the Kaduna State University who also won more than 8 awards on her graduation was at the conference to encourage young girls in attendance.

We wrapped up the event with a special presentation of the Mcrissar Foundation Award to women that were selected for this year’s



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