Katherine Flemming International Development Award 2021


Rabi Adamu Musa received the annual Katherine Flemming international development award 2021 at the Coady International Institute of St Francis Xavier University Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada at an event in the school. The award came with a scholarship to study three certificate courses from the institute. 

Rabi was nominated to recieve the award in 2021 but due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, she embarked on the study online and traveled in October 2022 to recieve the award in person at the annual homecoming coffee with Coady.

Typically, the Katherine Flemming international development award is granted yearly to African women leaders who demonstrate exceptional service to their community. In addition to recieving the award, Rabi was a panelists at an international development festival in Ottawa hosted by Cooperation Canada international (Futures Festival 2022) were she spoke alongside Canada’s minister for international development the Hon Harjit Sajjan on the impact of international development support on women and children in rural areas.

For the past ten years, Rabi has been contributing to the development of her community, she started the TKV amusement park, which is the first of its kind in sourthern kaduna , located in Kafanchan for children in that area. 

She has been networking with other young individuals who share the same passion. She has been able to build a career around the things she finds most interesting and has been advocating for more women participation in politics and governance , while also advocating for free menstrual hygiene for girls in High School, ages 12-16 years. 

When asked, she said the award will force her to do more in her quest to change the narrative in her immediate community, Nigeria and Africa as a whole. She has learned to set high goals , reach for them and achieve them. She has always had a passion for women and children.

Ten years from now, Rabi believes Mcrissar Foundation will be better than what it is and it will be recognized throughout Nigeria. It will attract the attention of people from all works of life and so many lives will be touched.

We will be giving out scholarships to talented girls who are interested in learning and developing themselves and we will be giving grants to young women to support their businesses.

We intend to be giving out sanitary pads to girls in high school each and every month and we will also embark on a campaign to make sanitary products available in most restrooms in high schools, tertiary institutions and public spaces. We will encourage out of school children by donating uniforms and school supplies etc.

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