PhotoVoices 2023 GRAND FINALE

PhotoVoices 2023 Final Event in partnership with Atlantic Council for International Cooperation (ACIC Canada)

The Photovoices Project, a collaboration between Mcrissar Foundation and ACIC, was a ten-week series of photographic storytelling sessions held from January 22nd to March 26th, 2023. The sessions took place at Fasaha Cafe in Uguwan Sarki, Kaduna State, Nigeria, and were attended by ten young women from different parts of the state and other parts of the world. The project aimed to provide a platform for young women to learn about photography and the art of storytelling using digital images, with a particular emphasis on addressing social issues in their communities.

Throughout the project, participants were introduced to a range of topics, including visual literacy, using a digital camera, photographic storytelling, copyright, and consent. They were also encouraged to explore ways to share their own priorities and views on a range of social issues. The project utilized PhotoVoice’s approach, which emphasizes engagement and access to research beyond traditional methods.

The Founder with the Chairman, Board of Trustees
The Founder with the CHairman, Board of Trustees with the 10 Photovoices Participants

In addition to learning about photography and storytelling, participants engaged in breakout sessions on personal development and other topics. The project was facilitated by experts from Nigeria, Canada, and Malawi, providing a diverse range of perspectives and experiences.

Overall, the Photovoices Project provided a valuable opportunity for young women in Kaduna State to develop their skills and engage in meaningful conversations about social issues affecting their communities. By utilizing digital images as a tool for storytelling, the project provided a unique and powerful platform for these young women to share their experiences and perspectives. The collaboration between Mcrissar Foundation and ACIC highlights the importance of cross-border partnerships in promoting education and empowerment for young people globally.

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